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Sonnet Special Edition 2018
The 2018 special edition of the Sonnet line is a collection of unique products devoted to the common need of all people to discover the unknown.

A need that drove the troubled nature of brand founder George S. Parker.
His curiosity and travel passion pushed George to every corner of the world.

Typically, he found his way there in a relentless pursuit of expanding his commercial network, but sometimes he also discovered something extraordinary that inspired many of the brand's iconic designs.
Each edition product is inspired by the various stages of the journey and the emotions associated with them.

A line inspired by forms drawn on geological maps, Sonnet Explore is an invitation to discover new horizons.
Brass body lacquered with satin gray lacquer, Cap made of stainless steel, polished and laser engraved.

Finishing elements - clip, rings, crown plated with rose gold. Unique front part made of stainless steel.

The rollerball pen has a first refill (inside the package).

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Sonnet Grey Pink PGT 18 K (Strata) Parker Rollerball Pen for sale 2054828

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